The Travellers of Fate and the Paths of Chaos

As above, so below

A curious case of divided attention

Das Wald, Wulric and Kestrel had left the diner table to investigate the source of Ott’s hound’s distraction, while Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg remained behind at the head of the table with the remainder of the household including Quingar and Aelfric. Outside, it became clear that the hounds were alerted to something outside the walls and Das Wald noticed man sized shadows moving through the forest’s edge which Wulric identified as Ungor Beastmen. Das Wald quickly responded with his ranger’s warning call and Wulric began to ring the alarm bell to alert the household. Unfortunately, it seemed the rest of the guards on hand had succumbed to whatever it was that was making so much of the rest of the manor occupants drowsy and they could not be roused to establish a defence of the lodge.

At the diner table the sounds of alarm reached those now being served their dessert course by a nearly sleep-walking Todd Heistlenburger. Vern Hendrick had collapsed in his pudding and it was all Aelfric could do to help Captain Anders to the door and across the yard to help defend the walls. Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg left the table to ascend the steps to his quarters, presumably to take up his arms, and was followed by Quingar who confronted him in his bedroom about the state of affairs at the manor and the possible existence of a demon (painting) on the grounds! Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg could barely believe his ears, but the Dwarf made a convincing story of it all and though Aschaffenberg insisted in going out to fight the Beastmen, he told Quingar to go ahead and do what needed to be done in terms of confronting the demonic presence he talked about. Quingar wasted no time but headed straight to the Hospice where he found Sister Sonja, the two wounded guards and Korden the dwarf. He told Sister Sonja of the demonic presence in the sitting room and brought her to the painting. However, once he threw back the curtain to reveal the painting, it wasn’t there…. someone had cut it out and taken it! On the floor next to where the painting hung Quingar found a pile of bandages which he realized were those that had wrapped the head and eye of Gregor Piersson. He then brought Sister Sonja to Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg, whom they found nearly passed out on the stairs to the second floor, and took him to the kitchen where Sister Sonja could administer what care she could to him. Quingar then returned to the hospice and presented Korden with the hammer Aelfric had given him whereupon the dwarf became lucid for a moment, recognizing the hammer of his ancestors. Quingar managed to convince him in his moment of lucidity that the call to action was now and he and Quingar must crush the chaotic forces at work in the manor. The pair then set off for the wine cellar to meet out some justice!

Meanwhile outside, Das Wald, Aelfric and Wulric were joined by Pieter Koch, one of the only guards not reduced to a drowsy stupor. When asked he admitted to eating the goose at diner. Pieter was adamant the group stay and defend the walls, and especially not worry about the missing elder race pair, Kestrel and Quingar. Soon the group spotted 4 Ungors advancing on the walls of the manor with long, large bundles of sticks. Wulric tried to rouse Captain anders by punching him in the stomach (to get the ‘poisoned food’ out…) but the effect was not quite what was hoped for, at least not right away. As the Ungors came forward, great shooting by Aelfic and the others made them think twice about coming back, and soon some flaming arrows were added to the defence of the lodge and a wooden bundle they had dropped while retreating was set ablaze (giving some much needed light to the situation as well). Wulric also spotted the coachman Albrecht Krug coming out of the stable hay loft with a blunderbuss and convinced him to join in the defence of the lodge from the walls as well. The now five defenders of the lodge marched around the perimeter of the wall and lit all available torches, trying to see as much of the forest as possible and guard against any attack.

Once in the wine cellar, Quingar managed to open the hidden door behind the wine rack after only couple tries whilst Korden threw himself into a frenzy smashing everything in sight. With the secret door opened, Quingar could hear a droning, malevolent chanting coming from down the passageway beyond and could see the flicker of torch light. Korden took off down the hallway screaming in a mad Dwarven battle cry, but before Quingar could do anything else a enraged Karla Wagnar, the cook, came down the stairs with a meat cleaver and attacked Quingar, yelling “Get away from the door!” Though Karla managed to wound Quingar slightly, it only made him mad and within moments he and the Skull Sword had made quick work of the cook, cutting her neatly in half. Then leaving the severed body in a pool of its own blood and wine from the broken bottles, Quingar cautiously made his way down the corridor revealed behind the wine rack; the sounds of struggle and chanting waiting for him up ahead.

On the wall outside, the defenders noted that the Beastmen had ceased to advance but Pieter and Albrecht cautioned against leaving the wall and warned the Beastmen could be back at any moment! Wulric spotted Otto in the courtyard with his dogs and suggested his hounds may wish to be utilized in the battle. Otto agreed and Wulric quickly opened the gate for him whereupon Otto left the manor with his dogs and set them loose into the forest. Moments later bestial howls combined with the baying of dogs erupted from the forest’s edge as Otto strode boldly forward after his beloved animals into the forest. Wulric Quickly raised the drawbride and sealed the door once again, unfortunately leaving Otto on the other side however.

In the basement, Quingar cautiously moved down the corridors beneath the manor and rounding a corner was faced with a terrible sight. Gregor Piersson was assembled with five other figures in robes, chanting around a circle inscribed into the ground. Gregor stood beside a stone alter and held a musty tome in one hand and a serpentine dagger in the other. Another of the robed figures held the unconscious form of one of the servants, Todd Hestlinger, and yet another of the robed figures could be seen struggling with the mad Dwarf Korden in the corner. Quingar, after a moments hesitation, charged at the figure closest to him a dealt him a savage blow. Then all hell broke loose and Quingar was swarmed! He managed to cut down two cultists before he was overwhelmed, specifically brought down by a blow from behind.

Outside, Wulric, Das Wald and Aelfric’s concerns over their missing team mates became too much and they started to head back towards the manor. Das Wald discovered the bloody mess in the wine cellar and let out his ranger’s warning call, hearing which Aelfric started to descend from the wall but Pieter attempted to stop him! Aelfric had had enough and struck the man a hardy blow. However, Pieter was not wholly unprepared and deal a terrible blow back in return. Aelfric then knocked him over the edge of the wall into the courtyard, but somehow Pieter managed to grab hold of Aelfric’s sleeve before he fell and the two tumbled into the courtyard with Aelfric landing on top of Pieter knocking him unconscious. Wulric, looking up, saw a disturbing sight on the roof of the manor. Against the hideous green glow of Morrslieb, a robed figure stood upon the roof with some small tapestty or canvas in hand and was beginning a dreadful incantation….



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