Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg

Lord of Grunewald Lodge


Lord Rickard Aschaffenburg is a huge bear of a man, overweight but strong and hale. He has a large, bushy, dark brown beard and dresses ostentatiously, wearing his golden chains of rank over and ermine robe with fashionably slashed silk sleeves. He is extroverted and usually speaks with a booming and commanding voice. Think Brian Blessed.

His family has been a minor branch of the nobility in Ubersreik for generations but with little holdings to call their own. Aschaffenburg recently married into the larger, more powerful and richer Von Bruner family and since then his fortunes have changed. He has recently acquired some lands for himself, Grunewald Lodge, a neglected Von Bruner property deep in the dark forests of southern Reikland.

Lord Rickard Aschaffenberg

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