The Travellers of Fate and the Paths of Chaos

Into the Reikwald

in pursuit of foul Beastmen

At the ambush site a mile or so from Ulfstead, Das Wald kneels to pray beside the body of the giant wolf while Kestrel and Aelfric search for more beastmen tracks and Quingar leans against a tree rubbing his aching head. Das Wald feels a hand upon his shoulder but instinct tells him the touch is friendly and he does not pull away. Kneeling beside him, the old man from the village joins Das Wald in prayer and devotion to Taal, asking for the spirit of the wolf to be blessed and its body cleansed from the Choas taint that has transformed it so. The old man introduces himself to Das Wald and Quingar as Gedhard, or ‘Young Oak’ as some know him by. He tells Das Wald that he is much impressed with Das Wald’s ability and affinity with the ways of the forest. Das Wald learns that Gedhard knew his parents. Das Wald and Gedhard pray once more over the body of the wolf and Das Wald feels a power emanate from the old man’s words. Gedhard reveals to Das Wald that he is a priest of Taal.

The party heads back to Ulfstead, citing a need to rest as it is getting dark and the woods are too dangerous at night with the beastmen about. Quingar objects, insisting they press on and crush the Beastman menace and not return to the village without the child, but the party is in favour of returning to Ulfstead, and so he grudgingly comes along. Gedhard remains in the forest and builds a pyre on which to burn the corrupted body of the giant wolf.

Returning to the village the villagers are glad to hear that Beastmen were slain, though they are a little discouraged to hear the child was not found. The party goes to the tavern and is met with celebration at the new of slain beastmen but again, no news of the child is disappointing. Some villagers say the child must be dead by now while others insist he must be found. Quingar performs an old Dwarvish concussion remedy and hoists a cask of ale over his head, shoves a dagger in the side of it and lets the contents pour down his throat (making him quite drunk). Aelfric decides it’s time for sleep and the owner of the tavern says he regrets he has no rooms but Aelfric can sleep in the stables. Quingar starts a game of Mine a Troll but unfortunately loses to his canny opponents and then he passes out on one of the bear soaked tables….

Kestrel and Das Wald, being more comfortable outdoors than in, find a very suitable shelter just outside of town and take shifts on watch while the other sleeps. Sometime near morning Das Wald hears a rustling in the bushes near by and thinks he sees a man crouching in the underbrush looking at them. Disturbingly, Das Wald thinks he sees that the man has four arms…. Das Wald wakes up Kestrel who picks up his bow and aims it at the figure, who then takes off into the forest with Das Wald and Kestrel in hot pursuit. Das Wald, suffering for lack of proper lighting, stumbles and is held back, but Kestrel catches up with the man and downs him with an arrow to the back.. The man, now clearly possessing four arms, tries to painfully crawl away but Kestrel stops him and demands answers of who he is and what he was doing at the edge of the town. The man pleads for his life and swears he is alone and only wished to see his family again. Kestrel isn’t buying it and once Das Wald catches up they lead him back to town. The man begs them to not take him back to town and sure enough when they haul him before the villagers they scream at him and curse him and call for his execution! The village alderman, Oswin Brauer, comes out in his morning dress, spits at the man and echoes the call for his death. Quingar and Aelfric hear the commotion and come out to see what’s going on. Quingar questions the man with four arms, threatening him with his crossbow pistol, but the man insists he is innocent of any crime and only hear to catch a glimpse of his family. Once again the party demands to know if there are more like him and he growls and replies that “We will not suffer alone, we will rise up!” and with a savage burst of strength with his four arms he frees himself and charges at Quingar who fires his crossbow pistol and quickly dispatches him with an bolt through the forehead. The villagers decide to burn the body the Quingar suggest they send another messenger to Ubesreik to see if there is a priest of Sigmar to come and look into the presence of mutants in the wood and village. The party then seeks out some healing from Brigitte who sells them herbal concoctions of some rarity at a low price but a necessary one to cover her costs. After benefiting from the remedies, the party decides it is best to strike as soon as possible and to return to the forest in search of more Beastmen and to hopefully find the child. Aelfric calls out to the villagers assembled if there are any who would join them in their mission and his words bring three woodsmen out from the fold who heft their axes and say they will join in the hunt.

The party joined by three woodsmen then head back into the forest and pick up the trail of the Beastmen from where the ambush took place with Das Wald leading them from a distance of about 30 feet. After about an hour, Das Wald comes to a clearing and sees several Ungors at work spreading debris and leaves about the ground, seemingly covering up a couple of large pits with a kind of makeshift lattice of branches across them. A Gor stands nearby and orders the three Ungors around. Das Wald sneaks back to the rest of the party and warns them of the danger. Together the party comes to the edge of the clearing, takes cover and aims their bows and crossbows at the Beastmen. Another Gor comes into the clearing and beckons to his fellow Beastmen, urging them to hurry up their business and come away from the clearing. Arrows and bolts fly forth but luck is not with the party and nearly all their shots go wild! The Beastmen are surprised and all but one of the Gors (one who was injured in the ranged attack) cast about trying to locate where the attack came from. A vicious melee follows with Aelfric dealing out savage blows to the Gors and even the farmers joining the fray. Kestrels arrows fly true and Quingar impresses with his skilled rapier strikes. In a moment it is over and the Beastmen lay dead on the ground. The Woodsmen shake with excitement and victory but Aelfric tells them they should return to the village to treat their wounds, which they, not reluctantly, do. Quingar examines the bodies of the fallen Beastmen and discovers they have been scarred across the chest with a crude cut in the shape of a crescent moon. Das Wald examines the pits and is disgusted by the smell of urine and excrement. In one of the pits he sees a sack shoved into the mud which he fishes out with a long stick. Unfortunately the sack drops once he has it removed and there is a crack when it hits the ground. Inside the sack he finds a clay jug with some strange, viscous yellow substance leaking out. He transfers the contents of the jug to his water skin and puts a little of the substance on the finger of a dead Beastman to no noticeable effect.

After Das Wald administers first aid to the wounded, the party decides it best to move on as quickly as possible and once again the scout Das Wald takes the lead and moves deeper into the forest. Again after about an hour or so he comes to yet another break in the woods and finds himself gazing upon the crumbling walls of an old and abandoned keep. The party comes up shortly and hides amongst the trees and observes this forgotten relic of the past. Heading into the forest away from the keep and to the North a pair of Beastmen can be seen, and on the rickety walls of the keep can be seen two men; one of them with a horrendously hunched back and deformed face.



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