Village of Ulfstead

This small woodland village is located about 10 miles south of Ubsreik just off the road through the Grey Mountains. The community exists on trapping, hunting and limited farming. Their economic significance is a lumber mill from which they cut and ship wood to Ubsreik and surrounding farmsteads. However, given the plentiful nature of the forest in these parts, their services are not in great demand and they are a very poor village.

The village is headed by an alderman, Oswin Brauer, who is a large man who commands some respect and loyalty in the community. His duties are not extensive and lately he has been tending to sit by the fire more often than not and drink perhaps more than he ought. His brother brews most of the beer the village consumes and between the two of them they have most the wealth and power in Ulfstead.

Recently the village was attacked by a band of Beastmen who atypically kidnapped a boy from the village as opposed to simply killing as many as they could. The boy was part of the ‘Dooming’ ceremony, an ancient tradition and usually supervised by a priest of Morr. However, since their is no priest of Morr in Ulfstead a local farmer played the part and was unfortunately killed by the Beastmen when they attacked.

Ulfstead is also home to Brigitte Sommer, a healer of some skill. She works with local herbs and folk remedies but her methods seem to work and everyone goes to her for any ailment or injury. She is still a young woman (who learned her skills from her mother) and quite dedicated, stalwart and serious.

Village of Ulfstead

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