Das Wald


Human Scout

Strength 3
Toughness 3
Agility 4
Intelligence 4
Willpower 2
Fellowship 2

Wounds 13
Criticals 3
Corruption 8
Shame 2
Insanities 2
Diseases 12
Mutations 3

Skills and Specializations:
Ballistic Skill
Stealth – Silent Move Rural
First Aid
Nature Lore – Identify Plant, Locate Shelter

Acquired Actions:
Predator or Prey, Accurate Shot, Call of the Wild, Find Weakness, Close Quarters Shot

Acquired Talents:
Focus – Keen Eyes, Instinctive
Tactic – I’ll sleep when I’m dead, Catlike Reflexes

Career Abilities:
Once per session, you may add one Expertise die to any Observation or Stealth check.

Superior Short Bow
Hand Axe
Comfortable Clothes (plus a second set)
Candle and Tinderbox
Silver pendant of dove
Carved Antler Tyne
Mysterious Flask of Green-yellow viscous liquid


Das Wald

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