Aelfric of the Landesnecht


Aelfric in outfit #1 with his crossbow

Aelfric in outfit #2 with sword and shield


1. Where are you from?
From a suburb of Altdorf, but had no hope of improving station as 4 son. Instead of joining the Imperial Army he joined a company of mercenaries.

2. What is your family like?
4th son. No chance at inheritance, no hope of improving station. Parents are dead. Family ignored him when he became mercenary and didn’t join imperial army.

3. What is your social class?
He is of common stock, but he is clearly a soldier. He spent time with those with more miserable backgrounds than his, and with slumming nobility, out for fun. And counted them as brothers in arms.

4. What did you do before you became and adventurer? He was a soldier for hire, belonging to a company, the Landeschnecht. He saw several battles against greenskins, either defending towns, assisting the Empire, or other.

5. Why did you become an adventurer? The company spent too much time partying in the brothels of in between contracts, and he decided it was time to leave. HE is adventuring to get gold and make a name for himself.

6. How religious are you?
He believes in the righteous fury of Sigmar coming down on the Empire’s enemies. He is more pious in reality than he lets on in public.

7. Who are you friends and enemies?
He has friends in the Landesnecht – his tour was over, so there were no issues of desertion.

8. What are your prized possessions?
None really. He did not take any souvenirs of his family, and has not thought of them much. Any replacement sword he gets will be renamed to also be “greenskin skewer.”

9. Who are you loyal to? He is loyal to his current companions. Das Wald has proven himself a capable tracker, even if he’s weird around the ladies, and Quickfoot the dwarf he met on his way to Altdorf. After telling the dwarf the stories of dwarf tossing in Marienburg, he promised not to let that happen to his companion. He mistrusts the elf.

10. Who do you love/hate?
Aelfric has no intense emotions about specific people . He dislikes orcs, and chaos beings. But he is not at this point full of hate.

Aelfric of the Landesnecht

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